Today I started exploring Python. For those who know me - Yes, Python! Bear with me - I’ve got my solid reasons for that (will share it one day).

In this short blog post I just want to share how I setup my IDE - Visual Studio Code on MacOS to handle my Python adventure.

First, I’ve installed Python.

Then, created file with “hello world” code in it and setup VSCode task to run this script, as so:

  1. From a Command pallete (⇧⌘P) hit “Configure Task Runner”.
  2. In a task.json file added this:

You should change python command path (if not default as mine) as well as args according to your setup, I just simply have my whole script in file.

Finally, as this is the only task in my VSCode tasks list - it runs on ⇧⌘B.

Simple as that!